As of the 1st of September Bec Glasby co owner of Be You Hair and Beauty Boutique Pty Ltd

has started their first MOVEMBER FUNDRAISER !!!!

"I feel so excited about MOVEMBER . My career has a lot of talking involved and we love listening too." "I also suffer from child hood trauma and I understand how hard it is to start the conversation." "I never talk about it." says Bec.

"It's the fear of saying it out loud that makes it real or true not a distant thought that grabs a hold of you for a while then lets go now and then and hides in deep inside your heart.

I have come to realise a few things and they are, my trauma will not go away, it doesn't help not to talk and that I'm not happy with how I'm dealing with it at age of 38 years old.""It's silly" Bec says. "Its my own fear that is holding me back so I can't grow as a person or be who I wish to become." "So here I am giving my self a sense of purpose and lending a hand to raise awareness for those around me in my everyday life either through my clients, friends and family that no matter who you are there is help." " I especially see in my job how dads can feel a lot of the burden raising a family and paying the bills. And that's why I love how Movember is about the MOE! all about the MEN ! and all about Conversations

Its fun, cute and its a caring thing to be involved in." Bec says and she said "it helps her feel stronger to make some changes too, like talking out loud to professionals."

SO DONATE TODAY by clicking this link

Together, we can change the face of men's health. We love you for it!

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